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Import VAT

Import VAT


Import duties can be dealt with in the following ways:


1. You can pay the customs duty and pay VAT on imported goods

2. You can pay only customs duty and settle the import of goods in a VAT return (non-cash VAT settlement)


Deferment of VAT payment is possible in accordance with Article 33a of the VAT Act. MMPJ Customs Agency provides you with both of the above-mentioned solutions.
The benefits of the latter is that the VAT amount remains in your budget and therefore you can:

  • buy more goods
  • conclude new transactions
  • streamline cash flow
  • allow further investments


How is VAT charged?


Sales VAT Rate Outcome
Domestic 23% VAT invoice pay 23% invoice tax
EU 0% VAT invoice pay 0 PLN
Export 0% VAT invoice pay 0 PLN